Right now is the perfect timing to receive ALL of the best solar benefits!

My fellow Floridians...

If you’re a homeowner...benefits to you can include...
...$0 down
...30% Federal tax credit.
...An END to paying for electricity.
...25 year warranty.
...Top customer service from a A+ BBB rated local company that has installed many hundreds of solar systems in this area.
...No price increases that everyone else who isn’t solar will pay.

Solar is at the lowest prices ever! And the efficiency of them is at the highest ever. Combined with no money down, basically a 30% discount in the form of the Federal tax credit and so many more benefits, there will never be a better time to go solar. The tax credits will expire. The prices will go up due to Trump putting a large tax tariff on solar panels.

Florida voters have spoken! They voted against the monopoly of utility companies who spent over $55 million to try to deceive Floridians. If Amendment 1 had passed in favor of the utility companies, you would have been penalized for going solar with restrictions and unfair fees. Fortunately, Floridians saw through their smoke and mirror deception, so you can now have as large of a system as needed for your home, without being penalized!

Also, Amendment 4, which Floridians passed, means that even though solar raises the value of your home immensely, you do not pay any property taxes on it.